Raging. Quaking. And sometimes desperate. Full keyboard sound layers and grooving riffs, that smash a car right into the audiences face. Deep growls, nagging screams and melodic shouts paired with epic refrains awaken associations of deep Swedish influences. The Melodic Death Metal band was founded in 2008 and one thing’s for sure: SERPENTIC goes forward. Pushes you against the wall. And kicks your ass!

The pictorial, bleak lyrics deride society, deal with dying angels, falling from the sky, or maltreated lunatics, which are rising insanity – and not just acoustically… Starting with the angry outcry, passing a clenched fist to the pit of the stomach towards surprising calm, SERPENTIC is able to plough up the musically farmland.


Vocals: Christian Kaiser
Guitar: Heiko Domeier
Guitar: Timon Posern
Guitar: Sven Hickstein
Keyboard: Verena Jurawitz
Bass: Tobias Bredenbeck
Drums: Stefan Gorgas

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